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General Microscopy Resources

Confocal Listserv

Email discussion list focused on confocal microscopy, but also including topics on fluorescence microscopy and digital imaging.


Online learning platform by Nikon.  An online source for Microscopy education.

Leica Science Lab

Science Lab, the knowledge portal of Leica Microsystems, offers scientific research and teaching material on the subjects of microscopy.

Microscopy Resource Center

Online learning platform with information on various microscopy techniques and imaginig fundamentals.

Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Website explores the fascinating world of optical microscopy and the basic concepts and advanced principles..

Molecular Expressions

Website featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy

iBiology Microscopy Course

Brings cutting-edge research in the life sciences to a global audience. 

Nature Milestones Light Microscopy

The Milestones aim to highlight the most influential developments in light microscopy.

David Agard’s
Super-Resolution Microscopy

This lecture describes a several methods for approximately doubling the resolution of the light microscope:
1) illuminating and detecting through two objectives,

2) structured illumination (SIM) with a patterned light source, and

3) saturating (high intensity) structured illumination to provide further resolution extension.

The methods and examples of image are presented.

David Agard’s
Deconvolution Microscopy

Deconvolution is a technique to calculate a model for the object that gave rise to the microscope image using knowledge about the way the microscope forms images. This lecture describes the basic principles of various deconvolution techniques and introduces principles important to deconvolution such as the Fourier transform, points spread function and optical transfer function.