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COVID-19 Additional Information


Microscope use during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Update: January 25, 2021

Dear NCI-Frederick Scientists,

Rules and policies concerning use of OMAL microscopes have been modified. There are significant changes and clarifications, so please read the attachment in its entirety. The last page of the attachment is a summary of the main rules.

If you are intending to use an OMAL microscope or other equipment, please read the attached “Microscope Rules 123120” document and fill out and return to OMAL the Mandatory OMAL Tissue and Cell information Form SARS-COV-2 revision 061520″  form (attached) if your sample is animal or human tissue or live or unfixed cultured cells. You do not need to submit the form if your sample is cultured cells that have been fixed before entering OMAL space, the sample is free of hazardous reagents and you are not adding hazardous reagents to the fixed sample during microscope use. The form needs to be resubmitted when there is a significant change to your experiments being performed on the microscope; it does not need to be filled out each time you use the microscope. PIs may fill out the form on behalf of the microscope users in their lab. The form has been approved by the IBC committee and the microscope rules document has been approved by EHS.

Stay safe,

Stephen Lockett, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist,
Director, Optical Microscopy and Analysis Laboratory,
Rm 12-79, Building 560,

Office: 301 845 5515