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A mission of The Light Microscopy Special Interest Group (LMIG) is to inform the NIH community about cutting-edge research in light fluorescence microscopy and about available resources, both extramural and intramural. LMIG aims to build a bridge between NIH biologists and microscopists.

The Light Microscopy Special Interest Group holds monthly seminars, maintains this website and a listserv for researchers interested in light microscopy. LMIG seminar is a NIH seminar on innovative microscopy techniques and their application to biomedical research with a focus on single-cell imaging and in-situ biophysics. The target audience is a group of researchers who are interested in microscopy and who are aware of the potential of image analysis and in vivo biophysics. The aim is to demonstrate applicability of the state-of-the art microscopy to tissue and cell biology problems. Presentations should include biological data and in-depth description of appropriate microscopy techniques. Speakers are encouraged to talk about how the technique worked in their hands including failures. The interest group listserv may be used for discussions of microscopy problems/questions, and equipment advice. The group moderators are Tatiana Karpova (NCI), Christian Combs (NHLBI), Simona Patange (NIST)

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