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Contact the CCR Microscopy Core Facility to discuss your experiment

Thank you for your interest in using the CCR Microscopy Core. Please login to the Bookitlab with your NIH credentials and register as user. Once you have registered on the website, coordinate a time to meet with Dr. Mike Kruhlak to briefly discuss your imaging project and coordinate a microscope training session. Click on the Scheduling and Training tab for step-by-step procedures on how to make appointments, access images, and other useful information about the CCR Microscopy Core.

General Usage Policies

The CCR Microscopy Core is open to all NCI researchers and there is no charge to individual users for microscope time. Collaborations with laboratories outside the CCR are also considered, time permitting. Please refer to our publications list for examples of confocal imaging that have been done by the Facility.

Contact the core facility to discuss your experiment. Meet with Dr. Michael Kruhlak, Facility Head, to discuss your specific project. If the project is feasible, schedule an appointment to receive training and use the equipment. No Exceptions – No user may use any facility equipment until he/she has met with Michael Kruhlak.

Due to the high number of users and to ensure fair access for all users, confocal imaging appointments should not be more than 4 consecutive hours and no more than 2 weeks in advance without approval of the staff. Super-resolution and Light sheet imaging are exceptions to the time limit.

The Core is only used over the weekend for time-lapse or tiling imaging that starts on Friday. Inexperienced users must work during normal hours (9 am to 5 pm) until they are fully trained to work independently on the microscopes. After-hours usage for advanced users is granted on a case by case basis.

Acknowledgements to the Core

Acknowledgement or co-authorship depending on the level of input from the Core staff, is requested to support the Core research contribution and to ensure proper funding is justified for the Core to continue adding more capabilities and cutting-edge technology.