Seminar Schedule


2023 Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be presented via Zoom
11 AM – 12 PM

January 17

Dr. Andrew Moore (HHMI, Janelia) “Vimentin intermediate filaments (IFs) play a role in clustering and stabilizing matrices of peripheral ER tubules”

Februrary 21

Dr. Yihan Wan (Westlake U, Hangzhou) “Dynamic imaging of nascent RNA reveals general principles of transcription dynamics and stochastic splice site selection”

March 21

Dr. Kaustubh Wagh (NIH/NCI) “Single-molecule tracking reveals two low-mobility states for chromatin and transcriptional regulators within the nucleus ”

April 18

Dr. Greta Babakhanova (NIST) “Measuring cell viability with imaging-based methods and in 3D scaffolds”

May 16

Dr. Steve Presse (Arizona U State) “Bayesian methods for FISH and single photon smFRET analysis. ”

June 20

Drs. Ed Kwee and Alexander Peterson (NIST) “Quantifying viral vector heterogeneity through biophysical and infectivity assay imaging ”

September 19

Dr. Ben Donovan (NIH/NCI)Single-molecule imaging of spliceosome assembly on endogenous pre-mRNAs ”