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Staff Biographies-Valentin Magidson, Ph.D.


Valentin Magidson

Optical Microscopy and Analysis Laboratory


Valentin Magidson received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Physics, Technion, Israel. Prior to joining the OMAL team, his research focused on laser-based microscopy techniques, which he applied to both the physics of semiconductors and the biology of cell division. His current focus is on optical super-resolution techniques, including the recently emerged tool of expansion microscopy.

Selected Publications

Adaptive changes in the kinetochore architecture facilitate proper spindle assembly.  Magidson V, Paul R, Yang N, Ault JG, O’Connell CB, Tikhonenko I, McEwen BF, Mogilner A, Khodjakov A.  Nature Cell Biology 17(9): 1134-44, 2015

A The spatial arrangement of chromosomes during prometaphase facilitates spindle assembly.  Magidson V, O’Connell CB, Loncarek J, Paul R, Mogilner A, and Khodjakov. Cell 146(4):555-67, 2011

Regulation of cytokinesis by spindle-pole bodies.  Magidson V, Chang F, and Khodjakov A. Nature Cell Biology 8(8): 891-3, 2006

Fano-type interference in the Raman spectrum of photoexcited Si.  Magidson V and Beserman R. Physical Review B 66 (19): Art. No. 195206, 2002